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Since 1981

The Floor Lords was established in 1981 at the adolescence of the Hip Hop movement. Two groups formed into one, to create a powerhouse crew. Since then, they have played a significant role in the growth of hip hop culture, contributing wholeheartedly by helping to define and ultimately expand upon the art of breakdancing or more commonly known as “Breaking” in their community.

The group focuses on bringing all five elements of Hip-Hop culture to their fans and followers through television, films, competition and performances. Some notable appearances include films “Krush Groove”,“Step Up 3D” and "In the heights". The Floor Lords continue to rack up accomplishments from creating their own theatre show called “Floor Lore” to collaborating with sneaker company “Saucony” on an official “breakdance” sneaker. They have performed with big name artists such as “RUN DMC”, “Madonna”, “Jlo” and many more. 

Several members of the group have years working with the inner city youth in a positive way throughout Massachusetts and the world. Their efforts caught the attention of the former Mayor of Boston who awarded the group with a proclamation making August 6, official "Floor Lords Day" in the city. Today, their is a new generation that continues to carry that vision.

Floorlords History: About Us
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